She will get it done; she needs the money


Scents from her mushroom brewery seem to reside firmly within her clothes, or perhaps her skin. They have an earthy, slightly boozy note to them, which many people find pleasant, but a few members of the highest echelons of class find it boorish or distasteful.


Owns a whole city block in Six Towers, in which her fungus brewery is located. She inherited the alehouse from her late husband and it has prospered under her care. She sells her brew to local pubs and expanded her interests by investing profits in several different businesses.

Lydra excels at making deals and has a large network of trustworthy contacts in Duskwall. The business savoir faire and reputation she has built have accorded her the luxury of rarely investing her own money anymore and she usually acts as a broker.

Older, or perhaps just ruder, drinkers sometimes complain that Lydra’s brew doesn’t have the same quality as her husband’s did, but they buy it anyway. Under her ownership, the brewery makes over four times as much ale as it ever did when her husband ran it and her barrels are a common sight in the taprooms of Six Towers.

The limits of her entrepreneurship are beginning to show, however. Fines have been levied at her from every corner: former employees, disgruntled customers, jealous Bluecoats, and greedy business partners. Magistrates waste her time and money with court summons. Hills of Coin must be moved for bribes.


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