Mr. Gregory Grip


Mr. Gregory Gripp Aka The Barber

Akoros from Six Tower

Barber by trade murderer by calling

Gregory Gripp was a friendly and outgoing man until the death of his pregnant wife at during the riots of Six Tower.

He has been haunted by the death of his wife and since that fateful day he has become a changed man. On the rare occasion Mr. Gripp betrays his introverted state with a slow smile or a soft chuckle to himself before melting back to his cold state. Miss Bracken, has witnessed this the most, including the conversations he has had when alone in his shop at night.

When the ghosts of his past are too much for him to handle he goes to his old friend and pit boss Plank Jaw Jim. Once a respectable banker and known for his devilishly good looks Jim England also suffered during the riots of Six Towers. During the chaos he was hit in the mouth with a club loosing nearly all his teeth. No longer does his grin show the ivory white of teeth but instead bears the look of an old gnarled pine fence. Since those days Plank Jaw Jim has started an underground fighting ring which Mr. Gripp regularly participates in.


Mr. Gregory Grip

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